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Our story

Nine years ago, when Kim was a fourth-year textile design student at Shenkar, she and her classmate started their first pop-up store in the Tel Aviv port called "FASH". The store's agenda was to give a platform to young Israeli designers and artists. In its 10 months of operation, FASH had exhibited over 80 designers and became a huge success.

Kim recalls the hardships of having established FASH without support or advice. While operating the pop-up, she discovered a new world of unfamiliar concepts and language.

When FASH closed, Kim realized the necessity of a place that could be the home to students and young adults who have dreams and aspirations in design, but do not have the financial skills and knowledge needed to be successful. A place where one can share and consult exactly as they did in the academic incubator, where one can receive both design and business solutions.

This place is CILA:

C - collaboration | I- innavition | L- lifestyle A - abilities


A basis for creating circles of collaboration for designers and entrepreneurs from various fields

The design umbrella 

We’ve gathered experts from various fields of design and entrepreneurship to serve as long-term mentors.

First aid

Online connection and consultation with professionals from various fields

Personal consultation 

Formulating a personalized 

strategy for all business and design needs for every designer and business

Our Model

Cilla strives to be a home for ideas and initiatives that will benefit the community and the environment in which we live and work.

We are working to develop the ideas for a project that combines students and diverse personalities, and even creates business and economic models for the benefit of all parties.

Human capital

Students and graduates

Having ideas but not

Economic measures

CILA Model

Business Companies

Associations looking for social influence

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